Custom Tablecloth Benefits

Someone recently asked me – What are the benefits of having a custom table cloth at a trade show?  I have been to many trade shows. Both as a vendor and as a person walking the floor. Being on both sides of the spectrum helps me to understand the importance of making a big first impression. Below are a few reasons why you need a professional custom table cloth.

  1. Stand out – when someone is walking by the booths they need to see you right away and you need to make an impression.  The key is to have the table cloth so custom that you can customize to the actual event you are at.  Example. If you are at an event selling kitchen appliances and you are highlighting a blender.  Make a tablecloth with that blender on it.  Big Bold and showing benefits.  That works a lot better than just dropping your customer’s logo on the front of it.
  2. Price per impression is very low –  You might think that $200 – $400 is a lot for a table cloth, but in reality, the cost per impression is quite low.  You might purchase one and then go to a trade show and have over 100 + unique impressions.  Then do a few more trade shows and the cost per is pretty low.
  3. When people leave the trade show you want them to remember you!  You can also get more impressions if you do facebook live videos at the convention or trade show.  Make sure to have your fitted custom table cloth in the background

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