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Custom Tablecloths Top Ten Questions – Actually the top five, but doesn’t ten sound better than five?

I went to google and started to look at what users are wondering about custom tablecloths. Below are the top five items that I found people have questions about.

  1. Where can I get a custom tablecloth? – There are many places where you can buy custom tablecloths.  I will focus on two.  You can choose to either go to the internet (which then brings many different sites to choose from.  Or, you can “buy local” and head to your local screen print shop.  If you choose the buy local route there could be a couple of issues.  The first issue could be that they do not specialize in custom tablecloths.  (My first tablecloth that I purchased from a local print shop was a bit ruined.  It was one that I purchased and brought into the “unnamed” printer and they burnt it.  This was because they did not specialize in this type of printing.  The second issue with buying local is that they might not have the best technology.  My opinion is that sublimation printing is hands down the best for tablecloths. (I will get into that later in this post)  Many local printers do not get into sublimation printing because of the high costs.
  2. What is sublimation printing? Here is a great Wiki article on sublimation printing.  The best thing about sublimation is the ability to get an all over print and the in fuses to the fabric.  It is an amazing process.
  3. Where is the best online site to purchase a custom tablecloth?  Here are my top 3 sources where I send people to.  They are in no order, but the first two specialize in sublimation and have amazing looking prints.
    1. Custom Tablecloth 1 – Displays to Go
    2. Custom Tablecloth 2 – Move U
    3. Custom Tablecloth 3 – 4 Imprint
  4. What is the #1 use of custom tablecloths? – I would say that the best reason to have one is to increase the presence and quality of your brand.  The place where it is a must to have a quality and bold tablecloth is trade shows.  So many people put big dollars into trade shows and allow their booth to look like crap.  Make sure that your booth is one of the best!
  5.  Is a custom table cover the same thing as a custom table cloth?  Yes.  They are.