Personalized Tablecloth – 3 Ways of Decorating Your Dinner Table In A Formal Way

Be it an official dinner plan with a prospective client or a get-together with family or friends, you will put your time and effort in making the home beautiful and attractive. There are certain tips that you imbibe to make the dinner table look unique and exceptional. Here goes a few ways of decorating your dinner table in a cost-effective and special way.

Custom-Made Tablecloth

While you set up the table for dinner, there is something you can do to make it special. It is nothing but a custom-made table cloth. Customized tablecloths can have your message, company logo, event message etc imprinted on it, if it is an official party. You can also go for a family picture, family name, message etc done on the cloth while you plan for a family dinner. Whatever be the occasion, you can customize the table cloth as you want and grab the attention of the guests to it. For formal events, table cloths make the best use to convey the brand message to the guests and thereby it can be used as a powerful branding tool.

A Beautiful Centerpiece

An attractive centerpiece is a must for a dinner table. You can keep it in the middle of the table and it grabs attention from the guests to the table. It makes a decorative display enhancing the visual appeal of the table. The centerpiece can also be a glass bowl with water or a painted bottle. Make sure the centerpiece goes well with the table cloth and to the theme of the occasion.

Name Card Of Guests

Another way to make the dinner table fit into the formal occasion is by putting the name card of the guests. You can also for customized name cards with specific messages for each of the guests, which they will surely enjoy.

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Custom Tablecloth Benefits

Someone recently asked me – What are the benefits of having a custom table cloth at a trade show?  I have been to many trade shows. Both as a vendor and as a person walking the floor. Being on both sides of the spectrum helps me to understand the importance of making a big first impression. Below are a few reasons why you need a professional custom table cloth.

  1. Stand out – when someone is walking by the booths they need to see you right away and you need to make an impression.  The key is to have the table cloth so custom that you can customize to the actual event you are at.  Example. If you are at an event selling kitchen appliances and you are highlighting a blender.  Make a tablecloth with that blender on it.  Big Bold and showing benefits.  That works a lot better than just dropping your customer’s logo on the front of it.
  2. Price per impression is very low –  You might think that $200 – $400 is a lot for a table cloth, but in reality, the cost per impression is quite low.  You might purchase one and then go to a trade show and have over 100 + unique impressions.  Then do a few more trade shows and the cost per is pretty low.
  3. When people leave the trade show you want them to remember you!  You can also get more impressions if you do facebook live videos at the convention or trade show.  Make sure to have your fitted custom table cloth in the background

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Here is a little question question and answer to start the day


Custom Tablecloths Top Ten Questions – Actually the top five, but doesn’t ten sound better than five?

I went to google and started to look at what users are wondering about custom tablecloths. Below are the top five items that I found people have questions about.

  1. Where can I get a custom tablecloth? – There are many places where you can buy custom tablecloths.  I will focus on two.  You can choose to either go to the internet (which then brings many different sites to choose from.  Or, you can “buy local” and head to your local screen print shop.  If you choose the buy local route there could be a couple of issues.  The first issue could be that they do not specialize in custom tablecloths.  (My first tablecloth that I purchased from a local print shop was a bit ruined.  It was one that I purchased and brought into the “unnamed” printer and they burnt it.  This was because they did not specialize in this type of printing.  The second issue with buying local is that they might not have the best technology.  My opinion is that sublimation printing is hands down the best for tablecloths. (I will get into that later in this post)  Many local printers do not get into sublimation printing because of the high costs.
  2. What is sublimation printing? Here is a great Wiki article on sublimation printing.  The best thing about sublimation is the ability to get an all over print and the in fuses to the fabric.  It is an amazing process.
  3. Where is the best online site to purchase a custom tablecloth?  Here are my top 3 sources where I send people to.  They are in no order, but the first two specialize in sublimation and have amazing looking prints.
    1. Custom Tablecloth 1 – Displays to Go
    2. Custom Tablecloth 2 – Move U
    3. Custom Tablecloth 3 – 4 Imprint
  4. What is the #1 use of custom tablecloths? – I would say that the best reason to have one is to increase the presence and quality of your brand.  The place where it is a must to have a quality and bold tablecloth is trade shows.  So many people put big dollars into trade shows and allow their booth to look like crap.  Make sure that your booth is one of the best!
  5.  Is a custom table cover the same thing as a custom table cloth?  Yes.  They are.


Welcome to Custom Tablecloths!  This is a site where you will learn all about table cloths.  Everything ranging from the history of table cloths to the now promotional uses of them.  I will give you the best sources for custom table cloths.  I have researched fabric, fit, and design.  I am excited to bring you the best of the custom tablecloth.